All Grouse Species

Sept 15 – Dec 31

Varying Hare (Snowshoe Rabbits)

Sept 15 – March 31

both species – Daily Limit 5, Possession 15

Grouse hunting is very popular in the NE Ontario region and bird numbers are excellent. Hunters will walk the trails and bush roads searching the edged cover. Saul’s region contains a large amount of birch and popular which attracts the sought after, and great eating Ruffed Grouse species.

Let Saul set you up at a drive in remote outpost camp where you will stay right in the heart of grouse and rabbit country. Fall is also an excellent time to take advantage of the great fishing

You can access a good portion of bush roads by vehicle or venture further beyond by foot or ATV

Clean and cook your game fresh at your camp for an experience that will keep you coming back.

BEWARE! This adventure is ADDICTIVE!