Saul Outfitters (former Havilland Guide Service) has been in operation since the mid 1960’s

Byron Saul

Byron Saul is the 3rd generation forest worker and outfitter. His father Ed, and grandfather before him served clients in Northeastern Ontario. Ed and Byron continue to work closely together to ensure clients needs are served

Byron is a successful trapper with local registered trap lines,  has extensive experience with remote geological surveying, has worked for many other outfitters in the region, and pursues his passion of hunting and fishing throughout the year


Ed Saul

Saul works out of his primary residence in Matachewan, Ontario and maintains numerous land use permits where he offers 2 remote base tent-camp or trailer camp locations. Saul has sole proprietorship over 2 large Bear Management Areas. Base camps are accessible by vehicle

In this vast region lie many lakes and rivers offering quality fishing for trouts, walleye, bass and trophy pike. The grouse populations serve excellent throughout the northeast


This Is Byron’s backyard. This is where he grew up. This is where he works and plays all year long. Trust in Byron Saul to take you on one of the best outdoor adventures you will remember for a lifetime