Heighten your experience in these rough and rugged yet cozy, comfortable and warm accommodations


 F/A oil furnace and wood-stove. The building offers all amenities including hot and cold running water, toilets, hot shower, satellite TV, cell service, kitchen with modern cook stove and microwave. Beds are the same comfortable Teton XXL cots that everyone raves about in Saul’s remote outfitters tent camps


Saul’s residence is located in the village of Matachewan and accessible by highway and paved roads

This is not a 5 star accommodation. It is the home of Trapper Saul. We have made available a spare bedroom for privacy and a dorm in the basement to accommodate your group up to 6. Extended comforts and seating is limited.
Due to the trapping and Wolf Hunting program timeline, we strongly suggest you consider staying with us. Many of our winter hunters and anglers choose to stay with Saul